Business Development and Strategic Marketing Presentations

Business Development and Marketing Presentations

Sharing knowledge is instrumental in moving companies forward. Lindsay L. Young, Chief Difference Maker, is always willing to present at industry organizations, Chambers of Commerce, or other civic or community organizations. She can also customize a topic presentation centered around business development and/or marketing. Just ask!

Lindsay L. Young has been in marketing and business development in the architectural, engineering, and construction industry for ten years. She has experience with small and medium sized firms and starting marketing departments from the ground up. Her knowledge includes strategic marketing plans, trade show implementation, customer and employee event planning, customer surveys, proposals, presentations, social media presence, customer relationship management systems, and project management of branding and website redevelopment.  Contact us today to schedule Lindsay to present to your group at 316-680-3097 or by sending us a message.

Networking 101 — Learn to Network Like A Rock Star

Are you a Rock Star Networker? Do you dread going to networking events? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Cher! Networking can be challenging to some and natural to others. Come learn from a Rock Star Networker the steps to effectively network and build long lasting relationships with people. Learn tips on networking and questions to ask during a networking event. You’ll learn how you can bring more business to your firm.

Business Development Happens Everywhere

Do you know how to utilize your network and make connections with customers and prospects? Learn some of the questions you can ask and how to be prepared to make those connections. You will also learn about how everyone in your company can participate in business development. We will go through the steps to a successful business development plan.

Strategically Sail Your Ship

When a fleet of ships sets out across the ocean, the captain commands and manages its safe and efficient operations including all the ship’s personnel, cargo, and navigation. He/she has a route, carries it out, holds himself and the crew to the standards, and then is rewarded for a safe arrival and repeated business. Strategy for your business is no different. You must have a plan, implement it, be held accountable, and then celebrate those achieved goals. Come learn why strategic planning is important and how to implement it.

Tune Up Your Customer Service Skills

As professional services firms, we are in the business of providing great customer service. It’s not just for the retail industry. Customer service, when intentional and genuine, sets you apart from your competitors and builds long term relationships and clients. Learn how to fine tune your customer service skills in 10 easy steps.

All Hands on Deck — Learn How to Grow Your Business Through LinkedIn

This workshop will allow participants to bring their laptops and work through Linked In. The participants need to have a log in (profile) set up in Linked In before arriving. Attendees will learn to maximize their personal profile. We will also learn how to set up and enhance a company page. You will also learn about getting everyone in the company writing in the same language.

Effective Communication Through Email

Learn how to properly communicate your message through email by clearly communicating your message. With efficient written communication, you can easily give and receive information that will help facilitate your job. There is power in written communication, so come learn how to write powerful, direct email communication with your supervisor, co-workers, vendors, suppliers, and others you regularly email. Attendees will learn tips and tricks to effectively communicate through email.

Don’t Just Show Up But Maximize Your Investment at Trade Shows

Learn what to look for when selecting the trade shows you will exhibit.
The steps to take BEFORE you arrive at the trade show.
When you get to the trade show, learn how to maximize your time with customers and prospects.
Learn how to capture information about your customers and prospects during the trade show.
10 Tips and Tricks for Trade Shows.

Grow Your Business Through Marketing

Do you struggle with your marketing plan? Do you struggle with where to start your marketing plan? Lindsay will talk you through a simple marketing plan for your company. You will learn:
The information to include in your marketing plan
Low cost marketing ideas
Implementing these ideas
Taking your marketing to the next level

What’s All This Talk About Social Media?

Learn exactly what social media entails.
What’s the point? Why should our company be involved in social media?
What is the return on my investment with social media?
Learn the steps to a successful social media campaign.

Organizing Your Crazy AEC Life

This isn’t a presentation on work/life balance, but it’s about managing your work life and your day-to-day tasks and duties. You have a lot on your plate and trying to manage it all can be difficult. You will be able to apply these concepts to your personal life too. We will discuss how to manage your supervisor, which will help you with time and tasks. Setting up expectations in the beginning is crucial. You also must set boundaries, so there is a clear understanding of what needs to be done vs. what can wait to be done.

Prioritize Your To-Do-List every morning, so you know what you have to get done. You need to create multiple lists whether written down or digitally. Create your own personalized system that works for you. If the system doesn’t work for you, then you will not use it. We’ll talk about a few different resources and tools you can use to keep track and manage your work.

Recruit, Retain, and Engage a Talented Workforce

Learn the importance of company culture in recruitment and retention practices and how to make positive changes through branding and internal marketing campaigns. Attendees will learn successful employee engagement techniques that have developed employees into companies’ best recruiting instruments. Whether your recruitment focus is baby boomers, millennials or somewhere in between, you’ll learn how to create a culture that attracts the best talent and fosters long-term commitment.

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