Customer Relationship Management Systems - NU Marketing LLC

Are you keeping your customer lists up-to-date and the contact you have with each one of them? Probably not like you would like to as a business owner. Tracking leads and maintaining a current database of customers, prospects, vendors, suppliers, referral sources, and industry partners will allow your company to be more productive and drive business.

Although we aren’t a software company, we will work with you and your staff to determine the best customer relationships management system for you. nu marketing will help you determine your needs by:

  • Integrating with your current accounting system
  • Coordinating data integration
  • Implementing and training your staff on using the system
  • Setting up custom fields and reports

A customer relationship management system is no small undertaking and will take years before 100% integration, both from a software and personnel standpoint. Once completely implemented, it will increase employee productivity, drive sales and business development efforts, and increase retention of customers. A CRM is an investment in your company, customers, and prospects.


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