Implement Customer Training Programs - NU Marketing LLC

If you have a technical business, your clients need to be knowledgeable about the services and products you offer. Educating your customers will strengthen your relationship with them along with making them a raving fan of your services and products. Your customer will also see you as an expert in your field and call you when they need assistance on the services you have provided to them. (This also ties into conference and trade show presentations, which is another service nu marketing provides.)

Implementing a customer training program is no easy task as you need to put outlines, presentations, registration, and then then market these programs. This takes time and dedication to assemble the curriculum. nu marketing will help your business write training objectives, assemble presentation tools, and set up the logistics of the training program.

Nu marketing helped one of its customers set up a twelve-week training program for their customers. This included setting up the event registration, webinar/online learning, continuing education credits, manuals, and promoting the event. The training was very successful with ten to twelve people being at each class. Not only were the customers happy with the training, it gave the customer an opportunity to further develop relationships and build business.


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