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Great employees are difficult to find in this current economic condition. There are five different generations in the workplace today, so finding the right people who fit into your company culture and with the right skill set can be hard. You must have a plan on how to attract and retain great employees to grow your company. nu marketing will help you set goals pertaining to recruiting and retaining great employees through building company culture, attending career fairs, setting up internship programs, and other recommended recruiting solutions.

Every employee in your company, regardless of title or position, can help your company grow through involvement in a variety of community activities. Not only can being involved in the community help the community, but it builds teamwork among your employees. They feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves or even the company. Not only are you giving back to the community you do business in, but you are engaging all your employees in your marketing and business development efforts.

Ask for feedback and don’t be afraid to implement their ideas. Employees will share their thoughts and ideas with you, but you must implement some of their suggestions, otherwise they won’t continue to give you constructive feedback. They have been in the trenches, so they know what works and what could be improved. Set up an internal marketing plan and follow through on some simple steps.

Retaining employees is just as hard as recruiting employees. Creating a company culture that fosters camaraderie among employees and improving internal communication are two important pieces to building your team. As a partner of yours, nu marketing will evaluate what works for retaining the great employees you already have on your team and determine the things we can add to recruit new ones. There are many different things that don’t cost the company a ton of money, but they go a long way with recruits and current employees.


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