Return on your Marketing Investments - NU Marketing LLC

Marketing can be difficult to track your return on your investment. By tracking a few things, your company can determine how well your marketing dollars are being spent. Assembling a marketing budget, along with your marketing plan, will allow your company to determine where your marketing dollars are being spent. It also allows you to plan your marketing and business development efforts. We evaluate where you are spending your money and help determine if it’s good investment.

Setting up accountability with your marketing and business development efforts helps your company investigate where to invest your marketing dollars. This is done through tracking business development touches, proposal and interview win rates, trade show leads and follow ups, website traffic, and social media reaches. These are marketing items that can and should be tracked in order to determine your success in these areas. It also helps you determine where you are making the most traction vs. spinning your wheels.

nu marketing helps keep your marketing and business development team accountable and continue moving the company forward with these efforts. Accountability is important in any effort and tracking your marketing dollars spent is just another factor to having a successful architectural, engineering, or construction business.

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