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Brand consistency is very important in your business. Did you know you have to hear or see something seven times before you remember it? If your customers and prospects see a different image of your company every time they turn around, they aren’t going to remember you. Branding standards are important to protecting your brand and being consistent across your entire company. Although nu marketing doesn’t specialize in logo design, we know the importance of consistent branding. We assist with brand consistency and implementation of your brand through all your marketing efforts.

Writing brand standards is important for the current and future image of your company. Having these written down and defined helps everyone in your organization know how and when to correctly display your brand. These standards allow anyone in your company to follow and correctly use the logo, so you haven’t wasted your efforts on re-creating marketing collateral. nu marketing will write your brand standards, so they can be distributed to all areas of your business. Your brand is your reputation. You must protect it.

Click below for a branding standard template to complete your company’s branding standards.

AEC Branding Standards Template

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