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Lindsay Young, nu marketing
Lindsay Young, Chief Difference Maker, started nu marketing in February 2014 in Wichita, Kansas. She has now expanded into the Arkansas and Missouri markets serving architects, engineers, and construction professionals. Inspired to start her business after several firms (now clients) requested her experience and knowledge of strategic marketing, she opened the doors to help others with their business development and marketing plans. Thriving on change and new, innovative ideas, she wanted to make a difference for more firms by helping with their strategic business development and marketing plans.

Nu marketing has a niche. We aren’t an advertising agency, although we partner with them frequently. We are deliberate in focusing on architects, engineers, contractors, and manufacturers. We know the business. We know YOUR business. We listen to and care about our clients and provide the best marketing and business development solutions. Educating and connecting with our clients are important pieces to a successful, professional relationship. The connections we make are intended to create long-lasting partnerships. If there isn’t a win-win relationship, then there won’t be a win-win solution.

Nu marketing doesn’t employ anyone full time but has a team of freelance, contract partners who assist with client projects. These include graphic designers, copywriters, web designers and programmers, social media experts, and administrative support.

Lindsay’s knowledge includes strategic business development and marketing plans and budgets, market research, brand perception surveys, internal/employee marketing, trade shows and conferences, corporate event planning, communication techniques, social media strategies, and customer relationship management systems.

Architecture / Engineering / Construction (AEC)

Lindsay has 13 years of experience in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) marketing industry and is a leader in the industry. She is very well-respected and known for setting and accomplishing goals. She has helped companies start marketing departments and make them successful. Because of her extensive knowledge of the building industry, she brings a unique perspective to the companies she works with when implementing marketing programs — something that other advertising and marketing companies can’t offer.

Lindsay L. Young started nu marketing because she wanted to help small- and medium-sized business with their strategic marketing and business development plans. She has been in marketing and business development in the AEC industry since 2006 and has started marketing departments from the ground up for firms. Her knowledge includes strategic and marketing plans, trade show implementation, customer and employee event planning, customer surveys, proposals, presentations, social media presence, customer relationship management systems, and project management of branding and website redevelopment. She obtained her Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration from Pittsburg State University. Lindsay is also a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) through the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS).

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