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Signature Presentations

Own Brand

Branding Yourself for Success – Your Logo is YOU

Branding is so much more than an image. It’s your culture, your values, your beliefs… It’s the core of who you are as a person. Typically, when most people think of a brand, they think of a logo. Yes, that’s a component of it, but during this presentation we are going to talk about branding yourself… a unique individual. Your logo is YOU! This interactive session will help you think about where you want to be in your career in a year, three years, or even ten years. As a professional, you must brand yourself for success.


Networking 101

Are you a Rock Star Networker? Do you dread going to networking events? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Cher! Networking can be challenging to some and natural to others. Come learn from a Rock Star Networker the steps to effectively network and build long lasting relationships with people. Get tips on networking and what questions to ask during a networking event. You’ll learn how you can bring more business to your firm.

All Hands

All Hands On Deck – How to Utilize LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

What is LinkedIn? How is it used? How will it benefit us as a company and you as a team member? We will discuss best practices and formatting. This LinkedIn presentation is customized for someone already set up with a profile and has used LinkedIn to some degree. (An individual profile must be set up prior to this workshop.)

Attendees will learn the benefits and “how to’s” of utilizing LinkedIn, How to use LinkedIn as a sales and business development tool, hear success stories of how LinkedIn has created business, and what content should you share with your connections.

AEC speaking

Managing Your Crazy AEC Life

This isn’t a presentation on work/life balance, but it’s about managing your work life and your day-to-day tasks and duties. Marketers and business developers have a lot on their plate and trying to manage it all can be difficult. You will be able to apply these concepts to your personal life though.

We will discuss how to manage your supervisor, which will help you with time and tasks. Setting up expectations in the beginning is crucial. You also must set boundaries, so there is a clear understanding of what needs to be done vs. what can wait to be done.

Prioritize Your To-Do-List every morning, so you know what you have to get done. You need to create multiple lists whether written down or digitally. The tools don’t matter. It just matters that you use them. Several different tools will be discussed. You have a couple different types of lists that we will also discuss.

Create your own personalized system that works for you. If the system doesn’t work for you, then you will not use it. We’ll talk about a few different resources and tools you can use to keep track and manage your work.

Learning Objectives:

  • Prioritize To-Do-Lists
  • Have Their Own Personalized System to Keep Them On Track
  • How to Manage Your Supervisor

Additional Keynote Topics

Keynote Speaker Lindsay Young

What’s All This Planning

When a fleet of ships sets out across the ocean, the captain manages its efficient operations including all the ship’s personnel, cargo, and navigation. They have a route, carry it out, hold themselves and the crew accountable and then are rewarded for a safe arrival. Strategy for your firm is no different. You must have a plan, implement it, be held accountable, and then celebrate those achievements. Learn how strategic planning ties into the marketing plan.


Building Relationships = Building Profits

You are good at design and construction, but are you an ace at building those long-lasting relationships to keep those projects rolling in? Make sure you are top of mind with your clients and prospects through effective business development. Come learn how to utilize your network and make connections.  Learn some of the questions you can ask and how to be prepared to make those connections.  You will also learn about how everyone in your company can participate in business development.  We will go through the steps to a successful business development plan.

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Building Your Own Career Path

Ready. Set. Grow. Building Your Own Career
Lindsay is running a successful business. She will share how she moved up the career ladder, what she experienced along the way, and what unexpected lessons she learned. Find out how you can create your own opportunities for growth and avoid the pitfalls that may sidetrack your career. The average person changes jobs 10-15 times during his or her career. Learn what skills you will need to help with job transitioning.

Top Three Takeaways:

  1. How to market yourself for the job you really want
  2. Three ways you can get noticed before, and after, you begin a job
  3. Important skills to help you move up, or move on, to new positions
Keynote Speaker

Business Development Happens Everywhere

Do you know how to utilize your network and make connections with customers and prospects? Learn some of the questions you can ask and how to be prepared to make those connections. You will also learn about how everyone in your company can participate in business development. We will go through the steps to a successful business development plan.

Learning Objectives:

  • Knowing how to engage with prospects
  • Getting everyone on board with business development
  • Basics of a business development plan
Lindsay Young Keynote Speaker

Best Practices for Social Media… Professionally and Personally

Social media continues to grow in all areas of our lives, professionally and personally. There is a lot of grey areas in utilizing social media. There are many different platforms and social media etiquette is rarely discussed. This session will cover tips and tricks, best practices for associations, individuals, and companies using social media. It will cover what platforms to use and how to use them. Some free resources on managing social media will also be shared during this presentation.

Attendees will walk away with:

  1. Best Practices for Using Social Media
  2. Resources to Manage Social Media
  3. Tips and Tricks for Social Media
Lindsay Young Speaker

Effective Communication Through Email

Learn how to properly communicate your message through email by clearly communicating your message. With efficient written communication, you can easily give and receive information that will help facilitate your job. There is power in written communication, so come listen to Lindsay Young present on powerful, direct email communication with your supervisor, co-workers, vendors, suppliers, and others you regularly email. Come learn some tips and tricks to effectively communicating through email.

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Social Media From a Marketing and Human Resources Perspective

This presentation will address social media as it relates to your company image and personal brand. Lindsay Young along with Human Resource Expert will discuss

  • How to utilize as an effective tool in business
  • Lessons learned
  • Social media trends/future

They will also discuss the legality of social media from an employee and employers’ standpoint and how companies are handling social media policies. Recruiting and retention as it pertains to using social media platforms will also be addressed.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to utilize social media from a company and individual standpoint.
  • Legality of social media from the employers’ standpoint.
  • Recruiting for employees.
Lindsay Young Keynote

Identifying Your Target Market

Who’s Your Client? – How to Identify Your Target Market
Have you been marketing to the wrong people? Has your business not reached or grown like you thought? It may be because you aren’t focused on the right client. Identifying your ideal client and their characteristics is the first part of writing your marketing plan. During this webinar, you will create a composite of your perfect customer. Think about the type of customer you want to attract (rather than your current customer or follower). Who do you want to have a relationship with? Once you’ve determined your target market, it makes it much easier to determine where and how to market your company. Lindsay will share some tactics to identifying your target market and how to reach them.

Lindsay Speaking

Imaging Through Social Media

Image is everything both digitally and printed. Come learn about your brand through images. Brett Schauf, a local commercial, wedding, and portrait photographer of 15 years, will share the do’s and don’ts of photography with your social media efforts. He will share some good and not so good images that individuals and companies have projected through their digital marketing efforts. Lindsay Young, owner of nu marketing, will share strategies on how to make LinkedIn a useful tool for your work place. Learn how to enhance your profile and company page to build your business. Tips and tricks to utilizing LinkedIn effectively will be shared. Come network with your peers and learn some tips to put into practice.

Large Group Speaking

Low Cost Marketing Tactics

Marketing can be overwhelming for a business owner. There are so many different options with traditional and digital. Having a simple marketing plan will help grow your business and keep you focused. After this session, you will walk away with a simple marketing plan for your company. You will learn:

  • The information to include in your marketing plan
  • Low cost marketing ideas
  • Implementing these ideas
Lindsay Young Speaking

Recruit, Retain, and Engage a Talented Workforce

Learn the importance of company culture in recruitment and retention practices and how to make positive changes through branding and internal marketing campaigns. Attendees will learn successful employee engagement techniques that have developed employees into companies’ best recruiting instruments. Whether your recruitment focus is baby boomers, millennials or somewhere in between, you’ll learn how to create a culture that attracts the best talent and fosters long-term commitment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Best practices for shifting company culture
  • Plan for recruitment and retention
  • Plan for internal marketing campaign
  • Techniques to attract baby boomers to millennials
Event Speaker

Spot On On-Call Proposals

Clients are sick of reading boring proposals and you are sick of writing them. Utilize on call proposals as a strategic tactic to get more work in the door. Come learn how to enhance your firm’s on call, JOC, or IDIQ proposals to be more than just your typical boilerplate content. These proposals should focus on your prospects and do more than just check a box.