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There is a lot of power in understanding how your organization is perceived. Brand perception can significantly impact clients’ trust, loyalty and decisions. Surveys are an excellent data source and are a valuable tool to gather insights on how your target customer views your organization and brand. You can learn qualitative data that will help you make strategic decisions in your business. Having a third party complete these surveys shows you are committed to company improvement and investing in your clients’ opinion. Clients are often more willing to provide feedback to a third party, so this means you receive more well-rounded, complete information about their experience working with your team.

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Brand Surveys

Benefits of a Brand Perception Survey

The main benefit of surveys is that you can craft your own questions and share your survey with as many clients and industry partners as you would like. nu marketing customizes each survey to assure your unique goals and objectives are met. Understanding the big picture of completing the surveys and the desired goals is instrumental in the success of the surveys. We then administer the survey and gather the results through phone or virtual conversations. Once all responses are in, we prepare a detailed analysis of your brand perception for you and provide recommendations to help you implement the suggestions on the findings.

There is no better marketing tool than positive feedback from an existing client. Your clients can talk about how wonderful you are and how great the experience was for them. It feels more natural than tooting your own horn.

nu marketing will gather testimonials from your clients and provide recommendations to use the testimonials in the correct way and placing them in the right places to increase your brand’s reputation. Clients search for social proof for everything they do and every decision they make, so it is very important to get as many testimonials as you can.

  • After receiving all the valuable information from the client brand perception surveys on what our differentiators and areas of improvement, it gives me a different perspective on our business. It was all really great stuff! In hindsight, it’s one of those things I didn’t know we needed until we had it. Now I wish we’d done it sooner!
    —Chris Clark, Clarkitecture