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The purpose of internal marketing is to sell your company to your employees. When employees understand and care about the value of your organization, both they and your organization benefit. Recruiting and retaining talent is tough in the architecture, engineering, and construction business. Most firms could add 10% more staff and still have positions to fill. Building company culture is crucial to recruiting and retaining talent in your firm.

Internal Marketing Event
  • nu marketing helped us re-design our website, create our social media strategy, produce marketing presentation materials and create an internal newsletter for our team. The quality of nu marketing’s work and responsiveness was top notch. nu marketing was a key part of our company's growth during that time. I would highly recommend nu marketing to anyone in need of an outsourced marketing firm.
    —Ben Wilson, Decker Electric

Employees experience your culture first-hand and on a more regular basis than your clients do. So, they know what the firm’s “real” culture is, regardless of what the marketing may be saying. Your employees also naturally share your company culture through interactions with prospects, clients, industry partners, friends, and family. That’s why it’s so important for the culture to match what is marketed and what the firm is all about; it must align with the perception in the marketplace.

Advantages of internal marketing include: employee engagement, strengthened company culture, brand awareness amongst employees, staff empowerment, employee retention and recruiting and hiring talented employees. Internal marketing is just as important as external marketing. When employees are satisfied and engaged, they are more productive. Their energy is transferred through client interaction thus resulting in repeat clients and repeat projects.

Gauging employee satisfaction through surveys is one way to get valuable feedback about workplace environment, professional development, culture, and benefits. The learned information can then be implemented into an internal marketing plan. You don’t necessarily have to execute everything that was shared in the survey, but you must try some of the suggested ideas. By following through with ideas, your employees will continue to build trust with the leadership team. It’s cyclical. By improving 1% daily or even weekly will get you 365% or 52% better by the end of the year.

Nu marketing can help you develop and execute an effective internal marketing strategy so that your company can enjoy these benefits. We assemble an annual plan of what those activities look like and help you implement them. Annually, we will review those and make suggestions on improvements or changes.