Organizations & Client Membership Tactics

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Being a part of recognizable industry and professional associations is a valuable way to gain authority, communicate and network with your clients and prospects. It’s a great place to build relationships and get to know your prospects, clients, and industry partners. At events, you can connect with many people in a short amount of time, whether it’s existing acquaintances or meeting new people. It’s a place to be visible.


As a member of these associations, your employees must get involved. Sitting on the board or a committee will connect you tightly with your clients and prospects. It also gives you inside information on what’s going on in the association. Being involved, your company will get the first opportunities to present or sponsor events that align with marketing goals. Don’t just join associations. Get involved and contribute. You only get out what you put in.

Non-profits are also a good avenue to get involved and build valuable relationships. Many non-profits are looking for business people to join their board of directors. Find one that you are personally passionate about and get involved. You’ll meet a wide variety of business owners and expand your network even further.

Knowing which associations and non-profits will benefit your company is key. It takes patience to see the return on your investment with memberships, because it’s all about building relationships. You must commit to the time, but you must also determine if it’s a good fit. nu marketing takes the guess work out and helps you align with the associations and opportunities that provide the best fit for your company’s goals and place you in front of your target audience.

  • Lindsay is an upbeat and energetic motivator who never settles for mediocrity. She is always looking for opportunities to better the organizations and people she is connected and is committed to her community and relationships. Lindsay is someone I count among the top in my circle because I know I can trust her impeccable professionalism, unwavering ethics and genuine nature.
    —Susan Lentz, Commerce Construction Services