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Interviewing for projects requires preparation. Your chances of winning increase with preparation, so come up with a plan, study the job, and get your team in a room to practice. Knowing the individuals who will be in the room while you are interviewing gets you a step above the competition. Understanding what they want out of an architect, engineer, or contractor helps you deliver a customized solution to their team. Interview preparation helps your team stand out above the competition and helps you land more jobs over and over again.

Project Presentation
  • I have had the pleasure of attending a variety of events where Lindsay has been a speaker and have learned so much from her and thoroughly enjoyed each one. She has the capability of addressing her audience with creative, fun and engaging information that is useful and can be put into practice. She is a true professional with extensive knowledge of marketing and communication for the AEC industry and this shines through in all of her presentations. If you are looking for a speaker/presenter expert, please contact Lindsay you won't be disappointed!
    —Kelli Gemmell, Milestone Construction

Your prospects and clients know you aren’t a public speaker, and they don’t expect you to be one. They do, however, want to get to know your team and who they will be interacting with on a daily basis during their project. They must feel comfortable with your project team. And in almost every interview, prospective clients want to hear from the technical professionals! They want to hear from the project architect, project manager, or superintendent that they’ll be working with on a day-to-day basis. It’s all about the connection made during that interview, so you want your technical professionals to be as comfortable as possible in these situations.

Practice. Practice. Practice. That’s the key to success. Don’t just practice the presentation but practice what questions your client or prospect may ask. Know what their hot buttons are and address those specifically in your interview. The interview is about their project, not your firm. It’s all about the client. Interviews are about connecting and engaging with your audience. If you can make them feel comfortable with your team, then you are one step closer to getting the job.

Ready to polish your team’s presentation skills? nu marketing can help improve your interview strategy and provide interview training for your team. We assemble the marketing collateral associated with the interview, including a “leave-behind” piece for the client. Also, we utilize mock interviews and Q&A rehearsals and provide constructive feedback for improvement.