Recruiting Talent

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The process of finding and attracting great talent is complex. We aren’t a headhunter, but we do understand the importance of messaging to potential employees through your website, social media, and recruiting materials.

With regard to your website, it’s important to keep your Careers/Employment page up to date with current openings in your company. You must make it easy to learn about your company and positions available, while also giving instructions on how to apply and the entire process an applicant should expect. Don’t have any current openings? Then list the typical openings you may have and encourage people to check back regularly, or to submit their resume so you can keep it on file. You never want to turn away good talent in this marketplace. Most firms, upon finding a great employee, will find a position to fits that person’s skill set.

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If you’re not attending career fairs and building relationships with local universities and colleges to find new hires, this should be part of your recruiting strategy. Employees are also a great referral for other employees, so make sure to involve them in recruiting efforts. (That said, making sure you keep your existing employees happy and engaged is key!)

nu marketing can help you tailor your message and communication on your recruitment collateral to attract top talent. Our team can help you develop a recruitment strategy and identify career fairs, high school and university specific academic programs, and job fairs that would be beneficial to your goals. We help you spread the word about what it’s like to work for your company.