Trade Show & Conference Strategy

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Trade shows and conferences are a great way to attract attention to your business and expose your organization to key people in the industry. With careful planning, you can get the most out of your investment and out of every potential business opportunity. At these conferences, your firm should also seek out opportunities to be a presenter or panelists in one of the sessions. Contact the conference planner to find out how you can submit a proposal to present. Tailor the presentation to the conference theme while educating your clients and prospect about solutions you provide and the challenges you’ve overcome in projects. This gets you additional exposure as an industry expert and thought leader, along with branding your firm.


Presenting at these events is a powerful way to market your firm. Remember, these are places where attendees are already actively engaged. They want to learn about something to help them in their own position and grow as a professional. These types of presentations are not sales pitches, but rather educational in nature. You are simply sharing the knowledge and expertise you already have.

Beyond the speaking itself, tangible handouts are an important component of any presentation. Handouts can feature your top 5 list or 5 takeaways but make sure to also include your contact information. One side of the handout can be informational, and the other side can provide space to take notes. These are very effective and have a life beyond your presentation; attendees will hold onto these and post them in their office. They are also likely to share this information with colleagues and other business professionals giving you even more visibility.

nu marketing can help you determine the best conferences and trade shows for your business, develop a budget and a plan, design and print presentation handouts, and help you create a follow-up plan for after these events. Most of the work happens before and after the trade show, so these activities are instrumental in the success of the trade show.

  • I hired nu marketing to help us prepare for a trade show. Our company had not participated in an event of this nature before and we wanted to make sure to get the best bang out of our buck. Nu marketing helped us in our choice of location for our booth; provided ideas for banners/signage that might be needed; and provided guidance in prizes for drawings. Nu marketing helped guide us with key questions to ask attendees, so we could properly introduce our company's services and benefits. It was a success and we were ecstatic with the results. Nu marketing knocked it out of the park! We will definitely use her again.
    —Dana Pretti, Property Rock Resources