5 Reasons I Started nu marketing

5 year company anniversary
February 20, 2019

Nu marketing was the brainchild among myself and a few close colleagues who supported me in my early career — and still do to this day. The seed was planted with this basic idea: Why not use my skills to help multiple companies succeed, instead of just one? Many hands helped me bring nu marketing to fruition. In fact, anyone who knows me has played a part in the success of this business endeavor. Without YOU, nu marketing wouldn’t exist. Regardless of your level of involvement, you have helped craft what nu marketing is today. For this, I am grateful for and thankful to each one of you. Thank you!

Many people ask me how I started my company, why I did it, and why I still continue to do it. So I thought, why not share the answers to those questions with my clients, prospects, supporters, family, and friends? And as nu marketing celebrates its 5-year anniversary in 2019, it seemed fitting to share these 5 main reasons I started my business.

Discovering the Demand

Before I had even filed my LLC paperwork, people were asking me if I could help them with their marketing and business development efforts. At the time, I was working 50-60 hours a week for my current employer and didn’t have the capacity to help anyone without taking away from valuable time with my family and friends. That wasn’t a sacrifice I was willing to make. This got me thinking: If I started my own company, could I build up my business enough to keep me busy and still do what I love? I started asking acquaintances in the architecture, engineering, and construction community to see if there would be an interest in working with an outside consultant for their marketing and business development. I received positive and encouraging feedback, which gave me confidence that the demand existed for nu marketing.

Doing What We Love

Isn’t that what we all strive to do? For me, marketing and business development are my passions — specifically when it comes to the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. There is so much heart and soul put into these projects and working with owners to make their dreams come true. Many of these projects will be here for future generations to see! Not every industry that can say that about their work, so I felt compelled to help my clients in the AEC industry with brand-building, building relationships with clients and prospects and then communicating their message to clients and prospects. The design and construction industry are different than other industries for many reasons, and they must be marketed differently too. With my understanding of this concept, I knew I could help architects, engineers, and contractors with their marketing and business development plans. It was a great fit and great niche for nu marketing.

Chasing a Challenge

Of course, it was going to be a challenging journey, but I’m always up for a challenge. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and to be honest it hasn’t been. The reward, however, can’t be adequately described. I see all the companies nu marketing has helped in the last five years and what a difference we’ve made in those companies. We’ve played a part in their success as a business. Each architect, engineer, and contractor is different, so each marketing and business development plan is different. The fact that no two clients are the same also presents an exciting challenge. It forces us to stretch our creative muscles and come up with customized strategies and tactics for each client.

Thriving on Change

Many people struggle to adapt to change, but nu marketing thrives on change. We want to be the change agent for our clients and help move them forward in their efforts. It’s fun to work with a variety of companies, because we can offer unique strategies and tactics for each one. This allows us to help different clients at different stages of their company. Although we have some long-term clients, whom we are extremely grateful for, we also have projects that change on a monthly basis. This gives us that exhilarating “new” feeling which satisfies our urge for something different.

Enjoying the Flexibility

Flexibility in today’s workplace is important for several reasons. One must be nimble and open to new ways of doing things to keep up with the change in technology and industry processes. The rate of change today is also much quicker than in previous years. It’s great to be able to meet clients’ needs and be flexible in helping them at any moment in time.

And then there’s the flexibility to spend time with family, friends, and clients. Those relationships have made nu marketing and have fulfilled the purpose of nu marketing. The ability to offer clients what they need and want while maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a joy I can’t explain. Do I still experience stressful and busy times? Of course! But knowing I’m in control of my own schedule is great for a Type A, organized woman like me.

Nu marketing has been fun, challenging, and rewarding, and I look forward to many more years of serving my clients. There’s no “easy” button to any of this, but seeing companies grow and succeed warms my heart and makes it all worth it. I’m grateful to each one of you that has contributed to the success of nu marketing. Without your business, guidance, and support, nu marketing wouldn’t exist. Thank YOU!