Article Publications

November 20, 2018

In the architecture, engineering, and construction world, being the industry expert helps improve your marketing and your brand perception. This doesn’t happen overnight; in fact, it typically takes years to accomplish. One of the ways you can portray your firm and your people as the industry experts is by publishing articles in state, regional, and national publications. This is an inexpensive yet effective way to get your firm’s name out to prospects and clients.

Think about how much knowledge you already have to share about your project experiences in the AEC industry. Channel this experience into written articles that will interest your clients and prospects — trust me, they’ll appreciate what you bring to the table!

You might be asking, How do I know what topics to write about? Start by doing some research and noting what questions are continually being asked about your knowledge and experience. This is where you’ll find your inspiration. (Remember, these articles can also be used as content for blogs on your website and social media channels.) You can also co-write an article with a client on a specific project; this would be a case study about how you helped them grow their business.

Discovering where to be showcased may take a little more time than actually writing the article. Ask some of your clients what online and printed publications they regularly read to obtain industry information. This research is important to find out what publications will be worth your time to pursue. For example, if your firm focuses on hospitals, find out what hospital publications and magazines exist. Then contact the editor or reporter by phone and email to find out if they have an editorial calendar. There may be an edition that focuses on architecture, engineering, or construction for which you could submit an article. Consistently submitting articles to 2-3 publications will result in valuable exposure for your firm.

Publications can also be reproduced and used as marketing collateral for your team. Remember to post any of your published articles on your website and social media platforms to increase the visibility and your credibility as an industry experts.

Utilize the knowledge you already have and get it published. With some dedicated time you’ll be to share your experiences through different publications gaining exposure with your clients and prospects.