Building Relationships Inside Your Organization

May 22, 2017

Relationships are important within your organization. Building relationships with co-workers can be and should be part of every job description within a firm. By having a good relationship with co-workers, you will be able to accomplish your responsibilities with ease. Whatever position you hold within your company, you have the ability and control to do just this.

It’s important to build relationships with co-workers, because I’m betting that you can’t do your job alone. You need others within your organization to help you accomplish tasks so that you can make the big picture come to life. For example, if you need a report from the accounting department showing last years billed clients, you’ll need to contact them for that particular report. You need this report to update your client list that you are assembling for a mailing piece or to invite them to an open house. By having developed a solid relationship with the accounting department, you’ll probably receive your report in a timely manner. It is important to remember when that accounting person asks you for assistance, you also need to deliver a quick turnaround. For instance, if they need your expense report by the 15th of every month, then be proactive and turn it in a couple days early. At the end of the day it’s a continuous circle and about helping one another out to help the entire company be successful.

Building relationships is building trust and honesty. It’s about keeping your promises and when you can’t keep your promises, communicate why you can’t keep your promises. Let the person know when they can expect to receive whatever it is they are requesting. Open and honest communication helps build those relationships within your firm. No one person can do everything alone, so you must unite and accomplish the company goals.

Relationships with co-workers can be stressful. In many cases, you aren’t choosing your team (unless you are the owner), so you must learn to work together. Dealing with difficult personalities can be challenging but there are several classes, books, blogs, and other resources you can learn more about this topic. Working through those differences using open and honest communication will get you the best results. If your co-worker understands your point of view and you understand theirs, then you can find a comprise on what you are trying to accomplish. You might even be able to bring in another co-worker who isn’t aware of the project/situation to assist with the decision, too. An outside perspective can always be helpful to get the project/situation moving again.

Building relationships with your co-workers helps you in your position but also helps the company. Working together can be difficult but building those relationships with co-workers allows you to deal with those occasional, uncomfortable conversations. If you’ve already established a relationship with them, it makes it even easier.

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