Collaboration Among Architects, Engineers, and Contractors

December 1, 2018

It’s important to have a good team when designing and building a project for a client. Having the right team is instrumental to the success of the project. Collaboration among ALL team members allows the best value project to be designed and built for the client.

It’s tough to find great partners sometimes, but when you do the magic happens. Teams work well together to make a client’s dream a reality. When the right team is assembled, the client is satisfied. Finding and selecting the right team members can be challenging sometimes. Many times there are already existing relationships, which adds to the trust and confidence of the team. Whether the client talks to the architect first or the contractor first really makes no difference. It’s all about the process and the project. It’s all about the client!

Regardless of who was brought to the table first, the project MUST be centered around the clients’ requirements and wants. It’s the team’s job to set expectations about budget, schedule, quality, etc. on a project. Don’t promise something for someone else. Collaborate as a team to find the solution. No project is perfect and probably never will be, but it’s all how you handle the hurdles that are put in front of you. The client knows how well the team works together after several months on the project. There will be disagreements among the team, including the client, but remember you are all working toward the same goal. Completing a successful, safe, quality, within budget project. Everyone wants to WIN!

Clear, concise communication among the team is required. Brainstorming challenges that may occur and how the team will address them. If the designer has specified a structural steel building, but the contractor knows a pre-engineered metal building may still meet the needs of the client and save them money, then the discuss must be had. Finding the best solution for the client will result in more margin, better relationships, and more projects (whether it be from this client or a referral from this client).

Subcontractors are also significant in a project. They, too, can bring value to a project through brainstorming and past experience. If a construction manager has weak subcontractors, then the project is going to be a struggle when it comes to budget, schedule, and quality. If experienced, qualified subcontractors are selected for the project, then it is much less likely to have issues in regards to budget, schedule, and quality. The mechanical and electrical contractors have significant portions in a project and bring ideas to decrease the budget or move money around. Utilize their experience to help the client.

The right team members are vital to continued relationships and additional work. Think of your best clients. Think of your best partners. You probably are most profitability, have the most fun, and continue to do work with them, because they are good clients and partners. Look at those clients’ and partners’ characteristics and go find more of them. Collaboration makes life much easier and less stressful projects. Remember, you are all on the same team and you all have the same goal. Satisfy the client!