Good Photography is an Extension of Your Brand

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October 1, 2014

Kennedy & Coe Whether you believe it or not, people make an opinion about your company in about three seconds and many times it has to do with something visual. If you have great photography on your marketing materials, it gives a good image of your company’s brand. It’s important to remember that quality over quantity.

There are so many different pieces of technology that you can use from an iPhone to an Android to digital cameras to capture your company visually. Make sure you take great caution in taking photographs yourself, though. In some cases, you need to hire a professional. (That will be on another blog.) Social media is so immediate, so you want to be timely when you post photographs of events and projects. Again, you can do this yourself but keep these following tips in mind when posting to your social media platforms.

Top 10 Photograph Tips to Posting on Social Media Platforms

  1. Determine your marketing strategy and what you plan on posting to your company social media platforms. Make sure it’s relevant to your strategy.
  2. A photograph is really worth a thousand words and displays your company’s brand. A poor social media picture may get likes from your friends and family but it doesn’t present a good image of your company.
  3. Post clear and well taken photos. You can use your own camera or phone but make sure it takes good, quality photographs.
  4. Take more photographs than you think you will need, because it’s better to have more on file than to have to go back and take additional shots or angles.
  5. Don’t post the same picture more than once in a social media album at the same time. You can re-use them later for another post but don’t over post.
  6. “Real” photographs of your business are more genuine than stock photography, so investing in a half day shoot with a professional is worth every penny.
  7. Make sure to get permission from the owner or place you are taking photographs. Put together a photo consent release form to protect your company.
  8. On LinkedIn, an individual profile with a picture is SEVEN times more likely to be clicked on than a profile without a profile picture.
  9. All social media platforms have different dimensions for cover photos (Facebook), custom headers (LinkedIn Company Page), header photo (twitter), so update those accordingly and change them once a month.
  10. Post photographs of groundbreakings, ribbon cuttings, open houses, completed projects, customer and prospect events, company events, and any community service event your company participates.