Networking 201 – Advanced Networker

April 18, 2017

Now that you are all well on your way to becoming a great networker you have learned that networking is NOT about selling, now let’s talk about how to utilize it. There are very few people who really recognize the power of networking and how to best capitalize on opportunities. Every interaction you have during the course of your day is a networking and business opportunity for your firm.

Taking your networking skills to the next level can be challenging but can be accomplished. (If you haven’t read my Networking 101, click here.) For those that feel like they are an accomplished networker, here are some ideas to enhance your networking skills even further.

The first foundational skill is that after attending a networking event, immediately connect and reach out to each person you had a substantial conversation or promised to follow up. This could be through email or LinkedIn, but set up a time independently to learn more about them and their business. This could be over coffee, lunch, or cocktails, but learning more about how you can help them in their business will allow you to connect them with the right people. The more you can learn about people and their businesses, the easier it will be to connect them with others. It will also allow you to evaluate a potential win-win partnership for both you and the other person.

It’s all about others, because networking is a selfless act. Each interaction you need to be in the mindset to help the person sitting across from you. At this point, don’t even think about how you can reap the benefits of the relationship, because if done right those will come. That’s the byproduct of the relationship. Many people constantly think about what’s in it for them, but there isn’t an ounce of this in being a rock star networker.

For example, the other day, I was meeting with a colleague and we were brainstorming about marketing ideas. They wanted to get more heavily involved in Western Kansas, so I gave her a list of resources and connected her with a few people in the area. When I say connected, I sent an email, copying both her and my western Kansas connection, on the email introducing them. My colleague and my connections are now doing business together. A referral is  even more powerful if you can do this face-to-face, as this increases the chance for a successful business interaction by over 50%! This person has referred several of their clients to me for marketing services. I didn’t even think they would ever be a referral. (That’s the other thing. Your referrals will come from places you never thought you’d see.)

As a successful networker, you must constantly think of your connection of people. Who can benefit from knowing one another? Whose businesses could grow if you introduced them or connected them? It’s all about the other person. You must constantly remember this principle!


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