Accelerate Content Marketing Results with LinkedIn Advertising

January 4, 2023

Accelerate Content Marketing Results with LinkedIn Advertising

Have you ever considered paid ads to amplify or accelerate your content marketing? In this episode, I have on Lindsay Young, MBA, CPSM Chief Difference Maker at nu marketing and we are talking about LinkedIn ads as well as the strategies around using LinkedIn for your personal and firm brands.

Lindsay discusses some of the benefits of LinkedIn advertising, particularly over some of the other social media platforms. She walks us though a few examples of how she’s built some LinkedIn campaigns for her own clients and some steps to help you get started. We discuss sponsored posts, how best to test those as well as creating general brand awareness through specifically targeting a specific audience, a specific area, and more.

Here are some highlights:

  • How Lindsay’s business helps AEC firms: 2:28
  • Advertising on LinkedIn: 4:20
  • Why consider LinkedIn Ads: 13:02
  • Examples of ad campaigns: 19:03
  • 1st Steps with LinkedIn ads: 22:20
  • Testing know-how: 23:54
  • Lindsay’s #1 piece of advice for new marketers: 27:18