Lights, Camera, Action: The Power of Video Marketing

June 28, 2018

In today’s world, videos are a very powerful and ever-growing marketing tool. Entertaining and educating people through video can and should be used in your firm’s strategy. Capturing people and projects on film makes the viewers feel like they are there, which strengthens your firm’s relationship with them.

I’ll be honest with you, video can be very expensive to produce and edit. If it’s something your firm can afford, you should absolutely include it in your marketing budget. For these more expensive videos, you want the shelf life to be 2-3 years, so that it’s a good investment of time and money.

As an example, an engineering firm spent a large amount of money on a company culture video and a recruitment video. The culture video connected with audiences and kept their attention (under 2 minutes), telling viewers what the firm did in a very creative way. The recruitment video was extremely entertaining. Engineers are stereotyped as introverts, but this video busted that stereotype by showing the team having fun and joking around. It’s even more hilarious, because I know these people. Their videos have been published on YouTube and Vimeo along with the firm’s website and social media platforms. These videos are targeted at client and employee prospects.

If hiring a professional isn’t in your budget, your firm can also produce its own videos. In this case, it’s important to be aware of some of the techniques. These days, a smartphone or tablet can capture pretty high-quality video, but you must remember three things:

  1. The viewer must be able to see whatever it is you are showing them.
  2. 2) The viewer must be able to hear whatever you are telling them.
  3. 3) The video must be smooth and not shaky. (Use a stand or tripod to help with this.)

Your videos can be published on social media and YouTube or Vimeo (or your choice of video platform), but you probably don’t want to use them on your firm’s website. These videos should be targeted toward your current clients and employees more so than your prospects. Although your prospects may end up viewing them, the information you are communicating will more than likely be geared toward clients and employees.

Here are some ideas that lend themselves to great video content for your firm:

  • Animating a design with voiceover
  • Groundbreaking ceremony
  • Walking a jobsite
  • Topping out ceremony
  • Ribbon cutting
  • Employee events
  • Client events
  • Capturing a client testimonial
  • Recording an employee’s story about why they work for your firm
  • Presentation given at a client event or non-profit program
  • Design or construction tip or recommendation (Lessons Learned)

Although you may record the entire event, program, presentation, etc., it’s not recommended to post videos longer than five minutes. If it’s longer than that, you should break it up and just pull the really good stuff from the presentation. Unless you’re offering training, most people simply don’t want to watch a video any longer than five minutes.

Whether you invest in a professional or end up doing it yourself, be consistent with your brand. Make sure you’re communicating your company culture in both sight and sound. Videos must be congruent with your company values, mission, and purpose. Be entertaining and educational, but remain true to your firm’s brand. Video can be very impactful if used properly.

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