Marketing Resources (Apps, Websites, Podcasts)

March 23, 2016

Business, Marketing, & Business Development Resources for Architects, Engineers, and Contractors

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We are all trying to find more time in life. I’ve put together the top resources, broken out in different categories, to help you with your business. Some of these are specific to the architecture, engineering, and construction industry while others are a broad brush of business. Many of these people have written books, regularly blog, and even have podcasts. Find one or two that you enjoy and will stick with. You’ll gather some great knowledge that you can implement in your firm today!

Business Resources

These resources focus on running a business and how to improve productivity. It addresses everything from practice management to marketing to human resources to accounting to operations. (Michael talks about a lot of business ideas and implementation, but he also addresses finding happiness in life through prioritizing. He’s really helped me take my business to the next level.) (I have recently started listening to this podcast on the business of architecture. He brings in people from the industry and interviews them about different areas of business.) (This is specific to owners and talks about all aspects of business from human resources to accounting to marketing to operations. They publish a lot of content, so it will take time to sift through some of the information. If you don’t read a lot, this resource may not be the one for you.) (These guys have got it figured out. They offer training specifically for engineers and contractors through project management, leadership, business development, accounting, and coaching. It isn’t cheap to attend one of their workshops but they do have a lot of good information. They also will post 10,000 feet blogs about these areas of your business.)

Sales Resources

These resources will help you develop your business development and sales strategies. They will give you great information on honing in on your business development skills. (Kelly Riggs founded Vmax, a business development/sales company, and has written two books. Both of which I have read and gleamed a ton of great sales tips. He has recently started Biz Locker Room where is associates sales with sports. If you are a sports nut, you’ll love his show/podcasts.) (A great resource for all marketing and business development in the architecture, engineering, and construction world. If you aren’t a member, join! They aren’t charging enough for the amount of resources you gain by being a member.) (I found this guy several years ago. Although I don’t agree with everything he blogs about, about 75% of what he states is accurate. He focuses mostly on sales and business development but he’ll occasionally throw some marketing tips in his blog.)

Marketing Resources

These resources focus on the marketing aspect of your business. These will give you advice on how to market your business and take your marketing to the next level. (Customer Service! This guy knows all about it and you can learn a tremendous amount by taking his advice. He’s written many books, most of which I have read, and is a super nice guy. I was fortunate to meet him at an SMPS national conference several years ago.) (Be Bold. Be Different. Stand Out. If this sounds like what you want your firm to be when it grows up, get connected with Seth. He’s an outstanding marketer and shares great knowledge.) (This blog was started about a year ago and has good information on marketing and business development in regards to construction. Architects and engineers can also benefit from reading this blog. Scott is involved in the SMPS foundation, so he knows his stuff.) (They have content marketing figured out. They blog consistently about professional services and cater more towards architects and engineers. Good blogs and white papers to download to take your marketing and business development where it hasn’t been before.) (I discovered Josh Miles three years ago at the SMPS Regional Conference in Wichita. He specializes in branding and has written a book about it. If you are thinking about re-branding or want additional information, read his book. It’s fantastic. I’ve used it through re-branding some of the firms I work with.) (They have some good blogs about construction marketing but aren’t as active as the ones mentioned above.)

Phone and Tablet Apps (This app is like a to-do list and you can categorize all your tasks.) (If you have to log your miles for business write offs, this is a great app. At the end of the year, you can just download a PDF and send it to your accountant.) (You can scan someone’s card and it will retrieve and input the data into your contact system.) (Here is my shameless plug on healthy lifestyle. My advice to you is to get a Fitbit. It makes you stay active and engaged which makes you a better leaders and owner.)

I’d like to hear your feedback or if you have others you find helpful in your business. I’m always looking for additional resources to help me in my business but also help my clients in their business.