Social Media Platforms

B2B Social Media Platforms
March 7, 2018

This is the second part to a three part series. Please click here to read the first blog.

Last time we addressed the ever-changing social media platforms. There are so many out there to choose from but the key is to select one, become consistent, master it, and then implement another one. Don’t over-commit by jumping into all of them at once, because then you feel like you don’t know where to start or stop.

The platforms nu marketing suggests include:

– Facebook

– Twitter

– LinkedIn

– Pinterest

– Instagram

Every business is different and you must identify your strategy and purpose for being on each platform. Some of these may or may not pertain to your business, but we recommend these platforms for your professional business. Knowing how and when to use them is instrumental to your success!

A few tips to using any of these social media platforms include:

– Spend less time scrolling and more time developing your own content.

– Tell a story. (What solutions or value have you delivered to your clients?)

– Make an emotional connection with your audience.

– Slow down and learn the new features on social media.

Setting up these different platforms takes time and focus. Photos must be sized correctly, your brand must be consistent and professional looking, and your messaging should be the same across all platforms. All of these and many more factors play into your social media platform success. Having a strategy, direction and a process for social media will result in a higher success rate. Social media can and should drive sales to your business depending on your industry. It’s another valuable tool in your marketing toolbox.

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