Stand Out – Be Different

July 13, 2017

It’s hard to stand out in today’s busy business world. So many of our clients and prospects are getting bombarded with messages from every direction. It’s important when assembling your business development and marketing plan to BE DIFFERENT. This can be very challenging, because it requires thinking outside the box and coming up with some crazy ideas.

When you are putting together your business development and marketing plan, brainstorm everything you are doing and how you could deliver it differently. Look at how you deliver a project to a client. Write down this process. Is there something you could do during the delivery of your service that would make you stand out? Sometimes, it’s not even something big that you have to change about the service you are providing. It can be the smallest thing and not cost you any or a lot of money to implement it.

One of my favorite authors, Scott McCain, gives an example in one of this books about being different. There is a tire shop in the southeast part of the United States that when customers pull into their parking lot, a customer service representative RUNS to their car to greet them. WOW! Now that’s impressive and memorable. They sell the same tires as the other stores all over the area, but they found the one thing that makes their service stand out. Obviously, they still have to deliver good quality tires and service, but this one little act of enthusiasm changes the entire process of buying tires. It actually makes you excited to buy tires!

Every company says, “We have the best service, best process, and best people,” which is great, but EVERYONE is saying this. Figure out why you have the best service, process, and people. What is something you are delivering to your clients that no one else is. If you can’t determine what that is, then create that moment in your process. Be memorable and sincere in the delivery of your differentiation factor. Some companies have even created a process and trademarked it for their company, so when prospects ask, “What makes you different?,” then they present the process. Although this takes several years to be able to write and implement, it can be done.

Regardless of what you chose to provide during your service, be consistent. Don’t implement for a couple of months and then abandon it. You must be consistent with whatever it is you choose to implement. This is what you want to be known for and then you can market this to other prospects.

Be different. Standout. Be genuine. Don’t be afraid to do something crazy. People will remember it. That’s what marketing is truly about… making a great, lasting impression. I challenge you to be bold and be different!

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