Utilizing Client Engagement Wisely

November 24, 2014

Client recruiting and retaining are important for every business, and taking the right steps will ensure you have continued business growth. Engaging with clients and prospects can be simple with a short plan and some attainable action steps. As a company, you are probably supporting several different industry, community, and charitable organizations in your place of business. Utilize these functions to invite and engage with clients and build and continue to build those relationships.

Some examples of events to invite clients to would be:

  • Chamber of Commerce events
  • Industry seminars, workshops, and conferencesPSU GOLF.jpg
  • Industry and charitable golf tournaments
  • Any event that your client can engage and learn from others to help them in their business

Being a resource to your client through expert advice in your area of expertise or helping them connect with other business professionals will let them know you aren’t just looking out for yourself but you’re looking out for their best interest. Learn how to connect your clients and help them grow their business. Being perceived as a resource and expert, your clients will tell their peers how creative you are and hire you. Word of mouth is still the strongest business development and marketing tool a company can have. Make sure your clients are talking highly of your company.

I know there is some skepticism on taking clients to events but let me reassure you that if you are engaged and committed to your clients, they will be loyal to you. Don’t let them perceive there is another option for your service. Offer a service that no one else provides them, and they will see you as a trusted expert in your field. If you don’t have a trustworthy enough relationship with a client, build that so you can take them to events and create business opportunities.

Taking care of your clients is important, so if you aren’t doing things correct operationally, then they really don’t care if you take them to an event. Make sure your operations team is delivering the promised service to your customers, otherwise, you are giving them the frosting without the cake.