Is Your Company “Showcasing” its Services on the new Linked In Showcase Pages?

April 9, 2014

Linked In Company Pages have recently changed to provide a more targeted approach. The Linked In Company Page now has “Showcase Pages” versus the “Products and Services” tab, so you can update on each Showcase Page instead of just through your company page. You still have access and can update your company page, but the Showcase Page allows you to target specific articles and updates to “Followers” that like a certain product or service in your business. Your company can have up to 10 showcase pages.

As an administrator, the information from the products and services tab will not be converted over to the showcase pages, so you’ll have to go in and create each showcase page.  One thing I don’t like about the showcase pages is the limited amount of static information you can associate with each page. You only have 200 characters to be static on your showcase page, so you must be very targeted and use good keywords for your description. You then use the “share an update” section (similar to your company page and personal profile), to feed information through that page. Remember though, that your showcase pages must be updated regularly just like your company page.

For an example, if you are an architectural firm and provide architectural services, planning, interiors, school bond assistance, and practice energy standards (LEED), then you may have a showcase page for each of these areas of your business. Then when you blog or find a related article about one of the areas of your business, you would post this through your showcase page. This allows your customers and prospects to only receive information pertinent to what they are interested in.


It also increases your odds of being found on Linked In when a prospect is searching for your services. For example, if you have named a showcase page “School Bond Assistance with XYZ Architecture” and a prospective superintendent of schools is looking for an architectural firm that has experience with school bond assistance, your showcase page will come up in the search. Be very strategic about what you name your showcase pages.  There can only be one name of a showcase page, so make sure you grab the ones you want for your company. This will ensure you will get the showcase page names you want.

If you aren’t good about updating your Company Linked In Page, then it probably isn’t a good idea to add Showcase Pages. Make sure you keep your Company Page and your Showcase Pages up-to-date. Nothing sets off a prospect more than finding you and seeing you haven’t posted for six months. Utilizing Company Linked In Pages and Showcase Pages adds another level of professionalism, forward thinking, and innovation to your brand. Don’t let it pass you by.