Top 3 Marketing Strategies for Architects, Engineers and Contractors

August 1, 2018

Marketing strategy is vital to the growth of your architectural, engineering, or construction firm. Without marketing, you will not expand your business. The saying, “You’ve got to spend money to make money” is accurate. I’m not telling you to spend money haphazardly but quite the opposite — with specific direction, once you’ve identified your marketing strategy. Having your strategy written down and implementing the steps will increase your firm’s profit.

The top three marketing strategies are:

  1. Determine your target audience.
  2. Reconnect with past clients.
  3. Be consistent with your marketing strategy.

The first marketing strategy is determining your target audience. Utilize your time and money wisely by investing in the right markets and with the ideal clients. You must know where your target audience (prospects and clients) spend their physical and digital time. If you don’t know the answer to this question, then ask some of your current or past clients. Once you’ve got the answer, then you’ll know where you need to spend your time and money as it relates to marketing and business development.

The second strategy is to reconnect with your past clients. They already know who you are, so it’s not necessary to introduce them to your firm. This is a warm call. There are many ways to engage past clients, and your firm should be nurturing those relationships through multiple avenues. Although they may not have plans to build again, they will have colleagues, neighbors, vendors, and suppliers that may be in the market for your architectural, engineering, or construction services. Your past client may, however, have another project or move to another company that may have a project. If your clients have had a good experience with your firm and you stay in touch with them, then they will refer business to you or use your services again. Keep in touch with past clients on a consistent basis whether it is monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Find any excuse to reach out to your past clients.

The third strategy is maintaining consistency in your marketing. Don’t expect marketing to directly make you money within the first month or even six months that you are implementing your strategy. It takes time and patience to market your firm. There are multiple tactics to get in front of your prospects and clients, so you must use numerous avenues to make sure you reach them in different spaces, both physically and digitally. Try different things to see what works and what doesn’t work, but don’t ever stop your marketing efforts completely.

Marketing strategies are important for your firm, because there is a long lead time with projects. Clients are spending thousands — and often millions — of dollars with your firm, so they must have that relationship with you and your firm. Marketing helps shorten that cycle, enhances your reputation, and puts you top of mind with your clients and prospects. Make the investment today!

Nu marketing will help your architectural, engineering, or construction company with its marketing strategy. We help write, implement, and evaluate your strategy. Contact us today to learn more.