nu marketing 5 year anniversary celebration – Rogers, Arkansas

May 8, 2019

One of the factors that can make an event memorable is actually something beyond anybody’s control: the weather. And it wouldn’t be a nu marketing celebration without some crazy weather (remember our 5-year anniversary celebration in Wichita started with a snow storm?). Nu marketing celebrated its 5th anniversary at the Cooking Studio in Downtown Rogers, Arkansas — despite the impending tornado warning to commence the event. Although sirens never went off in Downtown Rogers, they did in some of the surrounding communities. We would expect nothing less than excitement on this stormy afternoon in April. Taking a chance with weather, especially rain or snow, is always something to consider when planning any event, but we weren’t expecting a tornado!

Regardless, we had a great turnout from nu marketing clients, supporters, friends, and family. Guests started arriving around 4:30 p.m., and a few of us watched the storm roll in. Several weren’t able to make it due to the weather, but we proceeded to celebrate with great food from the Cooking Studio (turkey, ham, and pork sliders; crab cakes, and wine cookies); red and white wine; and Kansas craft beers from Wichita Brewing Company and Aero Plains.

The Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce welcomed nu marketing to the Chamber (although we joined almost 2 years ago) and completed a ribbon cutting in the garden, in between the rain clouds. We even kept the ribbon as a memento.

We celebrated until about 7 p.m. and enjoyed wonderful company with an intimate group. A sincere thanks to all that attended the event and braved the weather! Without all the support of our clients, partners, friends, and family, nu marketing wouldn’t exist. Each one of you reading this has played a part, large or small, in the success of nu marketing. THANK YOU! It’s been a rewarding journey so far and every day reinforces why I started nu marketing.

There are so many stories to share about nu marketing and the journey we’ve been on. One memory in particular was when I gave a presentation to the Ozark SMPS Chapter about two years ago in both Rogers, AR and Springfield, MO. At the time, we weren’t even thinking about moving to Northwest Arkansas. I remember how friendly and welcoming everyone was and how it made you feel like you were home (similar to Wichita). It’s that Midwesterner culture! I met many great people during those couple of days and many are now good friends, colleagues, and clients in Northwest Arkansas. I think back to that memory and how life is much different today. Was it scary? Was it exciting? Yes and yes! Any change is. But we’re glad we did it, and I’m glad to keep my Midwestern connections.

Check out the photos (taken by Creative4Mat) from the 5-year anniversary celebration on our Facebook page. Got a business anniversary of your own coming up? nu marketing would be happy to assist you with a plan to maximize your firm’s anniversary. We can also help you with all the details of the events, too (including the party, open houses, or employee events). Give us a call today!